CPD 200

SEPAREX Critical Point Dryer 200


Drying MEMS Without limit
Critical point drying is a safe method for eliminating liquids and avoiding capillary forces generated by liquid/vapor interface.
Advantages & Benefits
  • No liquid / gas interface during drying
  • No capillary forces
  • Compatible with all materials
  • Designed for process Reliabilty & Safety
Main Features
  • Fluid: Carbon Dioxide
  • Chamber for 4" to 200 mm wafers
  • Capacity up to 4 wafers
  • Easy-handling
  • User-friendly interface
  • Process Parameters control & record
Classical drying (solvent evaporation)
Critical Point Drying

SEPAREX is a leading company in Supercritical Fluid Technology and supplies innovating equipments and products for many industries including hard disk drives, pharma, fine chemistry, specialty materials, with a worldwide presence.