Self-Assembled Monolayers - Applications to MEMS manufacturing

Self-Assembled Monolayers

Applications to MEMS manufacturing

  • ACCELEROMETERS - RESONATORS - RF SWITCHES: Reducing surface energy to avoid stiction of mobile elements
     - Materials : Si / SIO2 / SI3N4 / gold...
     - Wide range of coating precursors depending on materials / process flow
  • MICROFLUIDICS: Converting surface to hydrophilic or hydrophobic state
     - Stabilization of surface properties during time - flow control
     - Example: Tuning hydrophily of SU-8 channels
  • BIOSENSORS - GAS SENSORS: Sensing surface building
     - Deposition of preliminary organized layer as substrate for sensing molecules grafting
  • METAL DEPOSITION ON DIELECTRICS: Adhesion / barrier layer on dielectric materials
     - Example: barrier layer for copper deposition on pourous SiOC
  • MICROMOTORS: Lubrication of mechanical systems
     - Deposition of high performance lubricating oil film (HDD technology)
Examples of SAM deposition in supercritical CO2
CPD dryed and SAM-coated gold membranes (LAAS) 
Copper CVD on SiO2 with intermediate SAM layer. Grain size 50-70nm  rms=5.06 nm